Why You Should Consider an eBike This Summer


GrindTV features Tempo in this article that shares a few real-life reasons why you might consider riding an ebike this summer.

Commuting is one of the top reasons people are trying ebikes. If your urban or suburban commute is a stretch by traditional bike, it might be within reach on an ebike. The savings on gas, parking, and car maintenance — not to mention all the proven health benefits — that come with a daily commute by e-bike are no-brainers.

Kelly Carlquist, 27, who rides a Tempo ebike to her job at LinkedIn, is sold. “Riding clears my mind and prepares me for a productive day at work,” she tells GrindTV. “Not to mention, I save 15 to 20 minutes in traffic each way. It’s a win-win.”

Riding with like-minded colleagues creates a “lasting camaraderie that can’t be found strictly in the office.” – e-bike commuter Jeff Bank

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