Redefining Urban Commuting in Silicon Valley

Urban Commuting

Tempo Bicycles and Toward Route Zero redefine urban commuting with electric bike demos at Silicon Valley Corporate Campuses April – July.

Tempo Bicycles embarks on a 10-stop tour this month in an effort to inspire Silicon Valley’s tech employees to stop relying on petro and start riding a bicycle. Tempo is partnering with Toward Route Zero to introduce combustion engine free, alternative transportation, to high impact corporate businesses through a series of corporate campus bike fairs. The event series will begin at the Adobe corporate on April 26th, making its way to Intel, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and more, ending at Genentech on July 27th. These events are private and on corporate campuses, so please check with your company to find out more about the following events:

• 5/24 at Intel
• 6/6 at Intuit
• 6/7 at Google Mt View
• 6/15 at Stanford Research Park
• 6/16 at LinkedIN
• 7/11 at Facebook
• 7/26 at Google Sunnyvale
• 7/27 at Genentech

Toward Route Zero created the annual series of bike fairs to generate relevant awareness and excitement about new electric bike innovations such as the zero-emissions electric motor technology harnessed by Tempo Ebikes. The founder of Tempo, Vân Nguyen, has been involved with the event for the past few years and continues to work with Toward Route Zero founder, Antonio Capretta, to make the event more successful each year.

“One of our challenges is that even when people do know what electric bikes are, they have never test rode them and have not fully considered it as an option for themselves,” says Antonio Capretta, who went on to say “This event has played a vital role in creating excitement, educating and inspiring younger adults in a way that is fitness oriented and pro-climate. It is really eye opening for them to see the ebike capabilities.”

Tempo Bicycles

Tempo understands the importance of approachability, meticulously designing its ebikes to be as sleek in design and intuitive, as possible. Tempo uses auto shifting technology for a smoother ride and hydraulic disc brakes for consistent control and more stopping power. Tempo’s sophisticated software controls provide feedback including speed, battery levels and motor assistance level and its carbon belt drive makes for a quieter ride.

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